Rope Splicing Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Arborist Quick Review: Wire Fid Splicing Set

A quick look at the three piece wire fid splicing set from Mark Przekurat (Fids & Fibers Splicing Workshop) Buy here: ...

Splicing Small Diameter Braided Rope without a Fid

This tutorial shows how to use bailing wire to splice thin braided rope that is too small for using a fid.

"Zen Bound 2" Android App Review

Tie rope around wooden figures in this peaceful yet challenging title. I apologize if it's difficult to hear my voice, as my voice was a little hoarse. Please rate ...

Gleistein Ropes Splicing

Demonstration of modern splicing at Gleistein Ropes splicing department. Rope: MegaTwin Dyneema. Filmed and edited by RIGGERNE ApS.

How to splice an anchor line rope thimble boat tutorial

Visit for all your boating needs.

Rope Splicing by Manila Cordage Company - Manco Ropes

Rope Splicing by Manila Cordage Company. Manco Ropes.

Splice App Test

Why did we post this? Fuck you that's why.

Cut and Slice Android App Review - Please subscribe! If you want me to review your app, then ask in the comments section! This review of Cut ...

Reflexions on the FreshAppShow - Android App Reviews

A video of 'Reflexions' on an Android phone. Download the FreshAppShow app on the Android market to watch videos like these directly on your phone and ...

How to Tie the Distel Hitch

Animation shows how to tie the Distel Hitch for Climbing. From the world's #1 knot site - Animated Knots by Grog. IPHONE APP: IPAD APP: ...

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